Tuesday, April 12, 2011

XD5 - Change the site to use Active Directory based registration

1. Creation of a simple OU in the domain tree. It can be an empty OU container. This only need to be done one time.

2. Run the following Powershell command (change accordingly to suit your AD's OU). This command also need to be done one time.

Set-ADControllerDiscovery –existingOuDN “ou=xd5, ou=windows 2008, dn=company,dn=com” –on

Set-ADControllerDiscovery -sync

The OU DN is derived using MS standards for converting Canonical names shown in ADMMC console to Distinguished Names as required by the command.

Subsequent DDC's added to the site will need to run the same command with the -sync options as shown in the second command.

3.  Delete the "ListOfDDCs" key and add the "FarmGUID" key of type "REG_SZ" to the following location on the VDA's registry.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent\

As a value for the new FarmGUID key, use the Farm GUID shown in the Desktop Studio console (will appear after the Powershell command is run) and that should get the desktops registering.

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