Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Command Line VHD Merge


Server: PVS01

Store Folder Name: D:\PVSStore

Image File List:
W7_Image_Clean_V2.5.vhd (Merged Base file)

To create a new merge based including W7_Image_Clean_V2.5.vhd (Merged Base file), W7_Image_Clean_V2.6.avhd, W7_Image_Clean_V2.7.avhd and W7_Image_Clean_V2.8.avhd, issue the following command:

rundll32 VhdUtil.dll,VhdMerge  D:\PVSStore\W7_Image_Clean_V2.8.avhd W7_Image_Clean_V2.5.vhd  D:\PVSStore\W7_Image_Clean_V2_New.vhd > D:\PVSStore\merge_log.txt

The benefit of using command line to do the merging is it can give you a debug log that will be useful for troubleshooting purposes, but please remember that it won't update the DiskVersion entry in the database.

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